Unveiling the Science Behind Modern Car Radial Tires

Imagine cruising down the highway, feeling a smooth, comfortable ride with every turn. This experience is thanks, in large part, to your tires. But not all tires are created equal. Radial tires have become the dominant force in the automotive industry, offering superior performance and efficiency compared to their bias-ply counterparts. This comprehensive guide delves […]

Who Owns Cooper Tires?

For over a century, Cooper Tires has been a trusted name in the automotive industry, delivering high-performance and reliable tires for various vehicles. But as the market landscape evolves, drivers often wonder: who owns tires today? This comprehensive guide delves into the history of tires, explores its current ownership structure, and examines the brand’s ongoing […]

Who Owns Continental Tires?

Introduction In 2024 Continental tires are a trusted name on the road, renowned for their quality, performance, and safety features. But have you ever wondered who stands behind this global brand? This comprehensive guide delves into the ownership structure of Continental AG, the company that manufactures Continental tires, exploring its history and key stakeholders. A […]