Falken Tires are manufactured in Japan by Sumitomo Rubber Industries

On the Road to Quality: Where Are Falken Tires Made?

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For many drivers, finding the perfect balance of performance, price, and durability is key when choosing tires. Falken tires have emerged as a popular option, offering a compelling blend of these qualities. But have you ever wondered where are Falken tires made? Understanding a tire’s origin can shed light on its manufacturing standards and quality control processes.

This comprehensive guide dives into the fascinating world of Falken tire production in 2024, exploring the brand’s manufacturing facilities across the globe. We’ll also discuss the factors that contribute to a tire’s overall quality, helping you make informed decisions for your next tire purchase. Falken tires are manufactured in several locations around the world, including Japan, Thailand, and the United States.

A Legacy of Innovation – The Falken Story

Falken tires are the brainchild of Sumitomo Rubber Industries, a Japanese company with a rich history in the automotive industry. Established in 1983, the Falken brand was created to cater to the growing demand for high-performance tires at an accessible price point.


Today, Falken enjoys a global presence, offering a wide range of tires for passenger vehicles, SUVs, and light trucks.

Spreading the Excellence – Falken’s Global Manufacturing Network

While Falken was born in Japan, the brand’s production footprint has expanded significantly over the years. Here’s a closer look at some of the key locations where Falken tires are manufactured:


Falken’s renowned legacy continues to thrive through its state-of-the-art production facilities located in Izumisano and Shirakawa, Japan. These world-class factories are equipped with cutting-edge technology and implement stringent quality control measures, ensuring the production of high-performance tires tailored for a diverse range of applications. Leveraging advanced manufacturing processes and innovative research and development, Falken consistently delivers superior products that meet and exceed industry standards. The commitment to excellence and precision within these facilities ensures that every tire produced embodies the brand’s legacy of quality and reliability. Falken’s tire manufacturing facilities are at the forefront of innovation, consistently delivering products that cater to the ever-evolving needs of consumers while upholding a tradition of exceptional performance, durability, and safety on the road.


Falken has established a significant presence in Thailand, with a modern production facility churning out a wide range of passenger car and SUV tires. This location allows Falken to cater to the growing demand in Southeast Asia and beyond.

United States:

In 2016, Sumitomo Rubber Industries acquired a former Goodyear plant in Tonawanda, New York. This facility has since been rebranded and now manufactures a selection of Falken tires specifically designed for the North American market.

Other Locations:

Falken’s dedication to a global presence is underscored by its strategic establishment of production facilities in countries such as Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, and Turkey. These facilities play a crucial role in meeting regional demands while contributing to the brand’s diverse product portfolio. By having manufacturing centers in these locations, Falken ensures that it can effectively address specific market needs while upholding its commitment to quality and innovation. These facilities not only underscore Falken’s global expansion but also exemplify its ability to adapt to varying market dynamics and preferences. By operating these production facilities, Falken showcases its dedication to providing high-quality tires tailored to the specific requirements of each region, ultimately reinforcing its reputation for superior products and worldwide accessibility. The establishment of these facilities reinforces Falken’s reputation as a truly global brand, dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of customers around the world.

Beyond Location – Factors that Influence Tire Quality

While knowing where a tire is made can be informative, it’s not the sole indicator of quality. Here are some additional factors to consider when evaluating a tire:

Brand Reputation:

Established brands like Falken have a vested interest in maintaining a reputation for quality and performance. Their long history and commitment to research and development inspire confidence in their products.

Manufacturing Standards:

Regardless of location, modern tire production facilities adhere to rigorous quality control procedures. These processes ensure consistency, durability, and safety throughout the manufacturing cycle.

Material Quality:

The choice of rubber compounds and other materials utilized in tire construction plays a critical role in determining overall performance. By incorporating high-quality materials, tire manufacturers can greatly enhance essential attributes such as traction, handling, and tread life. These top-grade materials contribute to improved grip and stability on various road surfaces, ensuring a safer driving experience. Furthermore, they also play a pivotal role in improving the longevity of the tire’s tread, ultimately leading to a longer-lasting product. The utilization of superior rubber compounds and other high-grade materials underscores the manufacturer’s commitment to delivering tires that excel in both performance and durability. Therefore, investing in quality materials for tire construction is imperative in achieving optimal performance and safety, as well as extending the overall lifespan of the tire.

Tire Design and Engineering:

The design and engineering of the tire play a crucial role in its overall performance. Advanced tread patterns, innovative sidewall construction, and optimized internal structures all contribute to a tire’s capabilities.

Testing and Certifications:

Prominent tire manufacturers adhere to stringent testing procedures for their products, conducting both internal assessments and evaluations by independent organizations. These comprehensive tests are essential in verifying that tires fulfill established safety standards, performance expectations, as well as durability requirements. Through these rigorous testing procedures, manufacturers can ensure that their tires exhibit superior performance characteristics, such as optimal traction, handling, and braking capabilities across diverse road conditions. Additionally, these assessments also validate the tires’ durability, confirming their ability to withstand the challenges of everyday driving, including wear and tear. By subjecting their products to such meticulous testing, tire manufacturers underscore their commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable, and safe tires to consumers. Ultimately, these testing procedures are crucial in safeguarding the integrity and performance of the tires, thereby enhancing driver safety and overall satisfaction.

Choosing the Right Falken Tire for You

With a diverse range of tires produced across the globe, Falken offers options for various driving styles and needs. Here are some key considerations when selecting the perfect Falken tire for your vehicle:

Vehicle Type:

Falken manufactures tires specifically designed for passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks. Choose tires that match your vehicle’s weight, performance capabilities, and intended use.

Driving Style:

Whether you prioritize sporty handling, fuel efficiency, or all-weather performance, Falken has a range of tires designed to cater to diverse driving preferences. For those seeking sporty handling, Falken offers high-performance tires engineered to deliver exceptional grip, responsiveness, and cornering stability, enhancing the driving experience on both dry and wet road surfaces. Furthermore, Falken designs a selection of eco-friendly tires that optimize fuel consumption without compromising performance for drivers focused on fuel efficiency. Falken also tailors its all-weather tires to deliver reliable traction, handling, and braking performance across varying weather conditions, ensuring safety and confidence in diverse driving environments. By offering this wide range of specialized tires, Falken enables drivers to select the perfect tire that aligns with their specific driving priorities, ensuring a tailored driving experience that meets their individual needs.


Consider your local climate when choosing tires. Winter tires with deeper treads and specialized rubber compounds are essential for snowy conditions, while all-season tires offer a versatile option for moderate climates.

Unveiling the Expertise – Benefits of Choosing Falken Tires

While production location is just one piece of the puzzle, there are several advantages to choosing Falken tires:

Performance-Driven Design:

Falken tires are engineered to deliver responsive handling, confident cornering, and predictable braking performance. This makes them ideal for drivers who prioritize a dynamic driving experience.

Value for Money:

Falken strikes a compelling balance between performance and affordability. You get high-quality tires without breaking the bank, making them a great choice for budget-conscious drivers who still desire a sporty feel.

Diverse Product Range:

From high-performance summer tires to all-season options and winter-specific rubber, Falken offers a wide range of tires to cater to various driving needs and weather conditions.

Global Availability:

With production facilities strategically located around the world, Falken tires are readily available to drivers across the globe. This ensures easy access to replacement tires and simplifies maintenance.

Technological Innovation:

Falken is constantly pushing the boundaries of tire technology. The brand invests in research and development to create tires that offer improved fuel efficiency, reduced noise levels, and enhanced handling capabilities.

Finding Your Perfect Match – Where to Buy Falken Tires?

Now that you understand the quality measures behind Falken tires and their global production network, you’re ready to find the perfect set for your vehicle. Here are some tips for locating Falken tires:

Authorized Falken Retailers:

Search for authorized Falken retailers at local tire shops or dealerships. These businesses will have a trained staff who can assist you in selecting the right tires for your vehicle and driving needs.

Online Retailers:

Several online retailers offer Falken tires. Be sure to choose reputable vendors with a proven track record of customer satisfaction.

Read Reviews and Comparisons:

Take some time to read online reviews and comparisons of different Falken tire models. This can provide valuable insights into real-world performance and help you narrow down your choices.

Invest in Your Ride – The Road to a Smooth Journey

Choosing the right tires is an investment in your safety and driving experience. Falken tires, with their commitment to quality, performance, and affordability, offer a compelling option for drivers seeking a balance between these crucial factors.

Remember, regardless of where a Falken tire is manufactured, the brand adheres to rigorous quality control standards and utilizes cutting-edge technology. By considering your driving style, climate, and vehicle type, you can find the perfect Falken tire to take you wherever the road leads.

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